Daily Archives: November 18, 2013

The sequel to the much-loved original: Part 2 – The Revenge

It’s a long-established fact that sequels are worse than the original, and it’s a recently-established fact that A Good Day to Die Hard is a particularly blatant example of this. However the knowledgeable people of The Internet will have you know that there are a few select examples that buck this trend, and those same people will tell you that The Empire Strikes Back is one of them. Having recently watched the first Star Wars film and enjoyed it immensely, I said to them: bring it on

Two long hours later, I say to them: what the heck are you talking about?

The Empire Strikes Back is a non-event. It spends much of it’s running time setting things up for the threequel, much more of the running time tediously going through the motions of Jedi training – seriously, where’s a time-saving Rocky-style montage when you need one? – and yet more building up to the shocking ‘I am your father’ plot twist that even the remote undiscovered tribes of the Amazon are already aware of. I can see how it might have been shocking and awe-inspiring 30 years ago, but for me the whole thing lacked the impact and sheer fun of the predecessor

It has inspired some marvelous Halloween costumes, though. So there’s that